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Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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Shining stars

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Formal ending!

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Caps Lock!

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tiny tales

जिंदगी शतरंज का खेल होती (If life would be a game of chess)!

tiny tales

Your truth,my truth!

tiny tales

Barbie doll :)

tiny tales

Grieves embodied in smiles like salinity involved in ocean!

tiny tales

“Fatty!”she heard. Turned immediately and uttered”brother?!” p.s. some nick names are always reserved.

tiny tales

कुछ चमकते पत्थर गिर गए मेरी जेब से, तुमने कोहिनूर गवाया है (Some shining stones fell from my pocket but you lost koh-i-noor)

tiny tales

You tried to find her in me. Now you will try to find me in her. Your habit of remain half-hearted make you wander always!

tiny tales

Left first, So missed later!

tiny tales

To whom you will blame? The stars. (she replied)

tiny tales

What remains in me still will create emptiness in you throughout!

tiny tales

I want to meet you first time, again!

tiny tales

Happy father’s day, Mom!

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