get link Why I support formal education system? I believe the best help you can do to anybody is to help them to think and to build their opinion. To help them to get rid of influences and make them multi-dimensional thinkers. Most of the conflicts would naturally come to an end when people start thinking in multidimensionality and leave their perspective. People are immensely different and creative. People are vigorous and vital horses running all over the world. You just need to direct them to run wherever they feel to run and not allowing their selves to be ridden by riders. Why are we giving formal education? Just to introduce a child with basics of every field so that he can expand, think and create something from his own ability, thoughts and opinions. what we have been providing as a formal education is exhaustive? Certainly not! It’s just a base, mountains to climb up! Can’t we expand without formal learning? We certainly can. The only thing is that it will help us to learn, understand with the process that has already been tested by history. We can directly start expanding from where our learning stops. But there are people who do exist who want to sketch their path from the very first line and nothing wrong in that as well. These are the people who succeeded without acquiring any formal education. But see they are less in numbers, right? As a wise human being we should be aware of our strength and challenges. Therefore I am repeatedly emphasising in acquiring formal education whereby you will learn with already tested process, you will be forced to think and expand in right direction, you will become aware of resources and manpower, you will build your own opinion and you will be motivated to fly beyond horizons. After all you are the infinite pure potential in this very limited cage of body, anyway you cannot sit still , you need to fly ,you urge to expand. You are the free bird, kiddo!!