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Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge


Hey girl,it’s Sunday

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It’s Sunday

It’s  new day

It’s  chill day

It’s  Sunday

Hey girl

It’s Monday

We missed each other

We marked each other

It’s  Monday

Hey girl

It’s Tuesday

We became friends

And shared talks

It’s  free day

It’s  Tuesday

Hey girl

It’s Wednesday

It’s midday

We liked each other

We confessed

It’s Wednesday

Hey, girl, it’s Thursday

It’s holy day

We kissed

Shared love

Made promises

It’s Thursday

Hey, girl, it’s Friday

It’s a fun day

We slept together

And seen forever

It’s Friday

Hey girl

It’s Saturday

It’s a satanic day

It’s  party day

And you met  new guy

And slept with him

The whole last week was repeated in few hours this time!

Hey, girl, again it’s Sunday

It’s  cold day

The Season and the reason,

It’s a sad day

You are telling me about last night

Hey, girl, it’s a Sunday

Earlier it was chill day today it was  cold day

Frozen and fragile day

It’s Sunday

You are crying and I am sobbing

It’s Sunday!



  1. This was something different. I liked the concept…

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