Lessons learned in life - Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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Lessons learned in life

Cheap 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips 1. Education will never go waste.

http://smithhamiltoninc.com/blog/?tag=Industry News 2. What truly matters is the quality of your humanity and not your degree, status, money or position.

click here 3. Money does matter but not more than your health, mental peace and happiness.

4. It’s good to be focused but not stereotype focused.You will not regret experiencing new things and arts.You will not regret variety but you might regret mechanical life.

5. Explore.

6. What matters is the mentality. The more you broaden your mentality the more level of richness you will experience.

7.  Judging someone is a complete waste of time and efforts.
Everyone is different.Truly different.No two person’s mindset or thought process can be similar.Everyone shines at their own time with their own efforts.

8. You can never go higher by pushing people down.

9. Arguments never serve a purpose. Choose your battle wisely.

10. Never stop learning. You can learn from everyone damn one. Depends on what you want to learn.

11. Respect is the minimal requirement.Offer others enough and earn for yourself enough.

12. Everything takes its own time and space.Trust the process.

13. See your surroundings as a blessing.And it actually is. Including material and immaterial.

14. A family is indeed the great support.Accept this undoubtedly.

15. Make special people feel special.

16. Never forget to repay.

17. Practice mindfulness.

18. Happiness is a habit and honesty is a lifestyle.

19. Always try to improve.

20. Don’t repeat your mistakes.learn from mistakes of yours and others.

21. Forgive. If you can’t forgive just forget. No strings attached.

22. Don’t play mind games.Keep your attitude straight forward.You will save your much time and energy.

23. Never settle for less than what you truly deserve.

24. Ignore people’s mistakes and judgments but don’t allow them to affect you negatively in any case. Keep tight bubble of total peace and happiness surrounding yourself.

25. Speak what you mean. Don’t speak what you don’t mean.

26. Live. Don’t just exist.

27. Vibrate higher.Attract abundance.

28. Breathe deeply.

29. Laugh loudly.

30. Love unconditionally.

31. pray wisely.

32. You are spiritual being having human experience right now.Evolve.




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