Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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Today you are telling me

Today you are telling me that you won’t love ever again but let me assure you that you will.you definitely will.More than you have ever loved till date, you will love more truly, more deeply and more madly in future.You are substantial repayer.When you will be loved with full of heart you will pay back with the whole of your soul.You will reward back 10 times what you will receive.

Today you are telling me that you won’t trust ever again.But let me guarantee you that you will.You definitely will.You are a soft-hearted and consistent person.You believe in empathy, growth, and expansion and you know deep down in your heart that they won’t come without sharing trust.So you will trust.

Today you are telling me that you have lost and exhausted completely and your efforts proved as a complete wastage but let me remind you that nothing is wastage.Your efforts will do show their results.Be patient.

Today’s you is always better than yesterday’s you.
Today you are more you than you were yesterday.
Today you are, learned you, clearer you, grown you, understanding you, loving you, caring you, and smarter you.
Today is always better than yesterday and so tomorrow will be.
Today you are telling me so many negative things about yourself but I can see so many positive energy welcoming you with its eyes wide open and arms wide-spreading.
Go and hug.
You are the star meant to shine.



  1. Akshay


  2. Akash Bhayani

    Expressed him much perfectly 😊😊

  3. A must read!! Every morning would seem better if we start it, by reading this piece!! wonderful one πŸ™‚ kudos to you!!

  4. utsav


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