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As a woman Dear woman, trading opzioni primarie                           As a woman, you should never say another woman ugly or less deserving because it makes you only ugly and the least deserving. As a woman, it’s your first and foremost duty to respect another woman and entire womanhood then only you can ask for a better treatment from men community. As a woman, you should appreciate the beauty of another woman and cover-up her faults. As a woman, you should first take stand for another woman and her modesty. When you disrespect another woman or back bitch her, you actually back bitch a woman in you only. You can’t see the beauty outside if it’s not there inside of you. You can’t respect another woman if you firmly don’t respect your womanhood. As a woman, you should also take care of other woman’s feelings and respect. No matter what but you should promise yourself that you will never ever degrade another woman neither you will allow anyone else to degrade any woman. As a woman, you should always accept personal choices and decisions of another woman for her life unconditionally. As a woman, you should always see the precious crown of womanhood and respect on the other woman’s head. Yours proudly,

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  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Vihasi, your writing so beautiful and simple. I think that’s what makes it so beautiful.

  2. If u think so then u r already a great women

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