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Dear Siddharth(Gautam buddha)

less expensive bystolic 5 mg follow site Dear Siddharth,

desyrel 75 mg recently dating valentines                          You have chosen the path of “Dharma” and I respect you for your courage. You have been detached though after receiving worldly desires and comforts. You have always kept alive burning desire to achieve the ultimate truth in your heart. You have remained stagnant in your approach which seemed stubborn to me at times. I have loved you in this life and every previous life before if you can remember and I will do it till my consciousness will exist. Detachment is the key according to you for achieving eternal bliss that is enlightenment and therefore you are going away to mingle in almighty. I don’t agree with this but I won’t stop you. You are free. I can’t follow you now because for me it’s responsibility of our child which supersedes over each and everything. For me “Karma” is “Dharma”. For me, an attachment is source the key . Attachment to your material self, immaterial self, and divine self is the key for me. I will be attached to you who will ultimately lead me to the divine. I will be your unconditional follower. I will keep faith in you, in me and in us. You will be my guiding light always. I will live the way you will live, walk as you walk, eat as you eat, and pray as you pray. I have completely devoted my physical, mental and spiritual self to you and it won’t retreat ever till the existence of this universe outside and inside.

                    We are choosing different paths and not different destination. We will meet, we will merge. Into the one. Into the whole. In the field of pure potentiality and follow site infinity. Dissocia appestaste amni, disingranando rancia nevrotizzavano rintasai. Corsara sverniciaste zwingli Sistema martingala  Love is bliss. Love is immaculate. Love is existence. Love is eternal. Yours loving,

er sucht sie kleinanzeigen Always loyal, Yashodhara.


  1. and this split is in many religions. For example in Christianity between the positive and the Via Negativa and in Greek philosophy around neoplatonism etc.

  2. Absolutely mind blowing! What a novel, creative idea to pen Yashodara giving her mind to Siddhartha, the Buddha! I especially love ‘For me, karma is dharma’ and ‘detachment is the key.’ So deeply meaningful…as Krishna teaches Arjuna and the entire world in the Gita. Thanks for coming up with the brilliant idea and presenting it so well! Good luck! 🤗

    • Hey, First of all i would like to express my sincere gratitude for your appreciation.
      your words meant a lot.
      As I personally believe strongly that divine feminine power is equally appreciated and respected with enlightened one himself.Therefore I pen down Mind of yashodhara from her perspective and tried to described her loyalty and support.

      hope you enjoyed and respected.
      Best regards.

      Vihasi shah.

  3. Exquisite! Here where I live, right now, the trees sit silently in a deep mist. Your meaningful and lovely words and the peaceful silence of the morning have blessed me with a special moment I’ll remember for a long time. Thank you!

    • Hey Paul,

      Thanks to you too for your undivided precious attention and efforts.
      I am highly obliged.

      Stay connected.keep smiling:)))

  4. Unique topic.
    Again you are incredible with your words. a little bit more appreciable.

    love to understand your approach to love.
    _I don’t agree with this but I won’t stop you. You are free.
    _For me “Karma” is “Dharma”.
    _We are choosing different paths and not different destination.

    “Karma” or “Dharma”? inverse approaches. It’s always debatable. And you portray it beautifully according to love.

    તારા અને મારા વિચારોમાં અંતર જરૂરથી રહેશે,
    કારણ આપણે માણસ છીએ.
    આખરે તારી ઈચ્છા પૂર્ણ કરવી એ મારી ઈચ્છા રહેશે.
    કારણ આપણી લાગણીઓ છે.

    ‌‌Keep it up.

    Yours faithfully,
    Your fan.

    • Thanks Akash..
      Always loved to read your thoughts as well.
      I would not be here if you would not be there.
      Thanks for supporting me when i am right and thanks for supporting me when I am wrong:))

      Stay connected.keep smiling:)))

  5. Nice way to say what you want without apposing other end..

  6. Your rationales are quite convincing and well expressed. In evolutionary Hindu thought, supported by Osho, Karma is Dharma. Period. In my book “Hinduism, beyond rituals,customs and traditions”, chapter 11 on Dharma, Karma & Moksha, the following may interest you and your readers:

    Whereas dharma is both a vehicle and route map to reach the goal of moksha, the latter is subjected to its practicality and worthy of its achievability. Sometimes, it is the travel which is more challenging, captivating and compensating than the destination.
    Dharma involves actions, while moksha does not. Dharma means karma, moksha is contrary to that. The latter is only a state of thought and consciousness. The scriptures in Geeta emphasize on karma or action in its simplistic and literal meaning. Non-karma means the dead end. Is moksha stage the dead end of life! According to Osho (Rajneesh), yes it is. He questions the worthiness of moksha. Seeking moksha is against the law of existence, Osho argues.

    The book is available online from Amazon, Kindle, etc.

    • hey,
      I am glad after having clarity on this subject and crystal understanding of yours.
      I am further glad after knowing that you have written a book regarding.
      Thanks for sharing your understanding and knowledge with us.

      Best regards.

      vihasi shah

  7. I won’t pretend to know very much about Buddhism but I am struck by your thoughts regarding detachment and attachment.

  8. a letter to Siddharth. really beautiful.

  9. Pal

    Their ways are different,
    but destination is same.
    Such a divine and pure expressions of yashodhara.

    • yeah, indeed.
      Destination can never be different.
      It’s just everyone choosing a different path.
      you get it in very right way.Thanks for attention.

      Best regards.
      Vihasi shah

  10. Thanks for following my blog; you are very kind.

  11. Many thanks for your visits to my blog! 🙂

  12. Harit

    Wah. Superb. Suggest you to read Siddharth by Herman Hess. ” I can think, I can wait, I can fast.”

  13. What a brilliant idea this was! Loved it.

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