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Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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One who loves you will not confuse you..

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  1. cost dilantin Such a lovely offering….beautifully stated…thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Right on! Thank you for your interest in my blog. I look forward to following yours.

  3. This is as true a statement as it is wonderful poetry! Thank you for sharing!

  4. To certain extent yes agreed..if u love someone u will know their behavioral changes .. Emotional ups n downs.. But help your partner share them with u so that u don’t have to wake their friends up at 2 ..

    • I appreciate and pleased that you have agreed.But one more thing I want to clarify is that when person himself is not ready to open up or communicate what he actually feels or wants to do then only there is need arise where you will try to get an idea about reality from others (Indirectly).

      • Could be. But many a time information from others could be misleading or misinterpreted or wrong. Who knows.

        • I agree.It may be. But one will apply indirect way only when he/she truly feels it’s not possible anymore to get an exact idea directly from the one. Isn’t it?

          • But don’t they need to analyse ourselves why their partners do not feel comfortable sharing more with them. I mean when u love u person m sure one of the reason is that u feel u can share ur heart out with him / her right..

          • Yes I agree cent person that we should be enough accessible and flexible that other one will feel comfortable and safe for sharing things with us. Without amending our own wrong and hyper attitude it’s wrong to expect confession.

          • vihasi.. see thats what i like in you.. you understand the views so well . thanks dear:)

          • Always welcome 🙂

          • Wish you the best:)
            stay connected.keep smiling:)

          • Always .. I always await to read ur post ..

  5. I thank you for the “follow.” I shall endeavor to inform and amuse…and, above all, always try to be interesting. continue…

  6. Oh I just love to read write ups about love…..❤💖🤗

  7. Anonymous

    Likhte likhte affection go jaye
    Padhate padhate ……………..

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