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Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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  1. Seriously, bad timing! Lol. Hi, you’re my 100th follower and it sounds really childish but I’m excited. And writing a really corny post and tagging you to it. (This is my disclaimer!!)

  2. Confused, why?
    After making love, more so the reason as to why! :O

    • When one person expresses all confusions about a relationship and unstability about choosing the other one,immdiately after makig love then the other one will feel being used. Isn’t it?
      Timing does matter.
      One should always understand which is the right time to express.

      Best regards.

      • Oh yes, I get it know. I was on the impression that the reason a person is making love was because he/she is really in love with the person in question. Otherwise, it is not called making love, right?

        Yeah, the timing doesn’t matter. What matters is how well one cares and how much are they willing to offer or sacrifice.

        Thank you. 🙂

        • May be we are under impression that the person making love is actully in love with us.
          May be we are under impression that everybody feels the same as ours heart.
          May be we always interpret feelings in mutual ways.
          May be we keep so much faith in inherent goodness of others.
          May be, May be.
          But that’s not the case.
          May be we are wrong.
          Opposites of all the above are definitely possible.

          Best regards.

          • Yes, you are absolutely right.
            But I feel that when the love is not true, it shows, not on a large scale but in smaller things.
            Well, I don’t know about love making or even love as a matter of fact, I guess I can’t be the judge of it.

            But, yes the opposites is absolutely possible.
            Thanks. 🙂

          • Yeah,I am cent percent agree with you on the sentence that when love is not true it shows ,not on a large scale but in smaller things"
            But let me tell you frankly that we use to interpret each and every negative sign of our loved ones too much postively.
            I will elaborate this in my upcoming post "Why love is called blind"? Don't forget to read.
            I will post it soon.

            Best regards.

          • Glad that you agree. I am novice in things such as ‘love’.

            Yeah, I will looking forward to it. I won’t forget.
            Thank you. 🙂

          • Thank You.
            I will. 🙂

  3. Seriously bad timings but all this happens. Nice post.

  4. After making love male’s hormones dip and blood supply decreases so getting confused is obvious

    • No it is not obvious. We should understand which is right time to express our confusions as we are connected with humans and not machines.No one like to feel being used.

      • Its choice if you know you are being used walk away rather than making love

        • The thing is that you will come to know that you were used after and not at the time…every one behaves well when they need something from you,you can always get the exact idea after and not at the time.
          Well anything beyond is perception.

          • Its fault of the person who couldn’t judge

          • it’s exactly like we are mis treating a person and then we justify our action by saying he/she deserved to be treated that way.
            Well we are no one to judge.
            Let “karma” do their work.
            But I must confess frankly I am disappointed with your negative approach.
            I wish you enough positivity to change it.

          • And the person who trusts, keep faith, forgives quickly and act positively irrespective of anything else is not at all considered as faulty but he/she is brave.
            Enough brave to love and enough brave to hold on.And not like coward who cheats.

          • Only fools forgive

          • Let us all be fools then and you peactice your ” so called” intelligence.

  5. Anonymous

    Superb 🙂

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