Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

words of wisdom

Do you love her?

Do you love her because she is a mother of your children?

Do you love her because she is the daughter-in-law of your parents?

Do you love her because she is your wife now?

Do you love her because she is female who can be loved?

Do you love her because you have accepted her in front of society?

Or do you love her because you have decided to love her,



And every upcoming moment now onwards?

Does your love is supported by commitment?

Does your love carry understanding, trust, respect, protection, help, Consistency?

Can your love see her as a woman of your life?

Now tell me,

Do you really love her?

And why do you love her?



  1. I love her because I love her…….I see love in me,I see love in her…….I love her because I can be me in her and she is herself in me…….I love her because I know no other way besides loving her…….love her as she is because love is what I am.

    (the drawback—-she didn’t understand this deep love and decided and went away to find love of different kind…..lol silly me should have loved as is written in books)

  2. Good and simply amazing post

  3. and i like your tagline 🙂

  4. A simple smile passed on to your loved once early in the morning can simply energies your loved once and that person will begin his day on a refreshing note..

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