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Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

words of wisdom

Time will teach you…

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  1. para que sirve levitra 20 mg Indeed time’s the most powerful thing. 😊

  2. arcoxia 60 mg bei zahnschmerzen Yes time is healer

    And a teacher too

    Time will tell

    Who really your friends are

    People change with time

    Is it true?

    Things change with time too

    They say change is the law of nature

    Is it true?

    Is change good for us?

    Beautifully inked!!!

    Excellent! !

    Have a nice time Vihasi😊

    • Yes things and people do change with time…
      Most of the time it’s not person who change but it’s curtain which is lifted..
      Change is inevitable and it’s for good only.
      I hope and wish we can cope with and choose to be wiser and smarter.

      Thanks for attention.
      Stay connected. Keep smiling 🙂

  3. Absolutely Time is everything in a nutshell. Vihasi just loved your beautiful poem.

  4. AnElephant is delighted to meet you.
    He wishes you great success in your efforts to spread joy and love.

  5. dancedance41

    Very much enjoy your posts. Fills my heart with hope and helps me let go of the hurt from the scars left by the past. Blogs like this help remove the loneliness by reminding us through open and honest expressions that so many of us divide ourselves as humans through race and cultural differences yet WE are all at the core so very much the same. We all hurt. We all catch scars that leave a permanent mark on our very souls but despite differenes aside if we could unify under the banner of humanity we could all be the healing to each other and this blog has brought that good energy and positivity to the surface instead of it staying buried under the metaphorical scar tissue that can keep us from otherwise feeling the goodness and joy we are all meant to have. New fan. Ms. VS blessings and most excellent vibes for you and your world and those you cherish.

  6. Anonymous

    Superb 🙂

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