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Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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One day it won’t matter!

Methocarbamol no prescription You are stuck on something. I know.
cytotec online without a prescription I can feel.
But I assure you that one morning you will wake up like it never happened.
One day it will not matter anymore.
You will feel perfectly breezy.
I assure you waves in your ocean. You assure me that you will not resist it.
Peace. Love. Happiness.


  1. shubhendu mishra

    Waooo (y) thnq for sharing … I will follow you form now 🙂 keep writing.

  2. short but concerntrated content woah impressed!!

  3. Brilliant and insightful!! Very true situations change there is sunshune after it rains!

  4. Pat

    Thanks for the encouragement and for following! Have a beauty day🎆☺☺🎆

  5. Thank you Vihasi for solaced everyone with your words. You’re a pure heart. 😃

  6. Thanks quite a motivation.. Thanks dear… 😉

  7. Every person must have something in their life once we reach that point no other things matter to us and that’s not materialistic goal. Good one 🙂

  8. It’s very true that many things change over time, often for the better. What once seemed too hard to bear will suddenly not matter any more. Nicely said.

    • Yes!! tomorrow will be definitely better. Because today is better than yesterday.It is graph of progress which always goes upward.We just need to keep faith.

      Stay connected. Keep smiling and sharing:)

  9. So well said. 🐞

  10. That’s a very good perspective! Thank you!

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