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Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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Be with someone who is genuinely interested in you.. Who is interested in your every single minute detail.

here Who is interested in listening to your fixed schedule to something new each day. Who is interested in sharing every happy and sad talk with you.

Who is interested to find your likes as well as dislikes.

Who is interested to find out your favorite food to a favorite movie to favorite color and favorite place to hang out.

Who is interested in talking about you after 2 pegs of whiskey.

Who is interested in talking to you immediately after getting promoted.

Who is interested in making you feel special on special days.

Who is interested not to let you sleep crying.

Who is interested in starting his each day with your sweet voice.

Who is interested in calling you for 5 minutes even during his 15 minutes lunch break.

Who is interested in dropping you same ‘take care’ text every single day.

 Who is interested in typing a long appreciation message though full of grammatical mistakes at 3 am a night.

Who is interested in checking comments and likes on your image. Who is interested to read your lovable messages repeatedly.

Who is interested in staring at your same photo every single night.

Most importantly be with someone who is interested in leaving his comfort zone for you.



  1. great post.. i adore it!

  2. Thanks for following mine, Vihasi, and thereby enabling my connect to your youthful world. Who would not want to be connected with your genuine interests? Best wishes…

  3. Sound advice. Thank you for your follow, Vihasi. Wishing you the best, A. <3

  4. Great post and thank you for the follow. It is good to meet you.

  5. And if the someone you are with is not all those things, don’t be afraid to cut them lose, even if they are family. As Louise Hay said back in 1994: “You didn’t have a choice as to which family you were born into, but you have a choice now as to who is in your family.” And just to back up what I said, I’m estranged from 98% of my family, and with them being Mormon on one side and Catholic on the other, I have a few billion relatives!

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