Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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कुछ चमकते पत्थर गिर गए मेरी जेब से, तुमने कोहिनूर गवाया है (Some shining stones fell from my pocket but you lost koh-i-noor)


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  1. Pathar tumhari jeb se gire aur ganwaya saamne wale ne?

    • “But”is implied in between dear…!I request you to create habit of reading one liners.You will understand it in better way without asking.

  2. Ok won’t question henceforth.

  3. I love the Hindi script–every language is beautiful to me.

    • Had to Google “Koh-i-noor”–very interesting story behind the storied diamond. This small poem reminds me of one by Kabir: “The jewel is lost in the mud, and all are seeking for it; Some look for it in the east, and some in the west; some in the water and some amongst stones. But the servant Kabir has appraised it at its true value, and has wrapped it with care in the end of the mantle of his heart.”

      • Yes It’s pretty good “doha” of kabira…Felt really nice to listen you from you. And I appreciate your effort to find out essence of koh-i-noor. Let me share further it’s also known as ” mountain of lights”.It’s been most prestigeous diamond ever. I hope you could relate it in the poem with true meaning.
        Thanks for your attention.Your attention is your love and care.
        Best regards.Keep smiling.

  4. sayad us kohinoor ne gavaya mauka ak pathar ko banane ka hira

    • Realizing self worth and walk away is far more better than wasting your whole life for improving others who don’t even value you!

  5. par sayad kohinoor ne gavaya mauka pathar ko banane ka hira

  6. why they don’t value us only and why they care about others at same time with heart?

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