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Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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Don’t involve third persons.

see url Whatever.  It’s between you two.

West at home employee page You know each other better than anyone else because you have shared moments, anyone else did not.

go You have your own judgments, logics, and faith about each other. You already know each other’s good as well as bad parts very well. Problem arises. Ups and downs happen. Confusions, frustrations, anger, and guilt come along. During the time as a human, you need to share. Emotional support is inevitable. I agree. But that doesn’t mean you should keep bluffing each and everything about yours to people.

see url That doesn’t mean you should keep crying and blaming each other in front of people who frankly care least.

get link That doesn’t mean you should keep asking for advice to every new person you meet. That doesn’t mean you should send every day a mutual to that person and try to make him /her understand. That never means that you should keep complete shut-up and lock yourself in a room and keep crying. See. You should share. But share with those whom you can trust completely. Whose advice you have considered till date and you have faith that they will advise you maturely which is best for you. Share with whom you think who know you and understand you. Share with those who genuinely care for you and help you to move forward.

Share with those who give you solutions rather than help you to bitch situations along with you.

15 mg benadryl to ml Share with those who help you to clear or sort out.

can you drink alcohol on methylprednisolone tablets usp 4 mg Your life is not a farce. So don’t make it.

atarax 10 mg hydroxyzine Be direct, approach direct, tell direct, apologize direct, solve directly as much as you can rather than involving third persons.

Whatever will be the result, but your maturity will definitely be appreciated.

Again remember always,

Whatever. It’s between you two.

Breathe. Smile. Breathe.


  1. Vihasi, I’m cent percent agree with you here. You know. We at times, become so emotional that we tell everything to few of our elders or beloved ones. This way we’ve planted a seed of someone’s mistake to them. Later, When we patch up with that person it’s easy for us to move on. But your beloved ones would not forget that. Isn’t it?

    I loved your post. 😃

  2. Is this part of introspection?

  3. Great post thanks for sharing. You give a good perspective on this. Check my recent post out if you get the chance 🙂

  4. Great point stated. Thanks for following 🙂

  5. Absolutely agree. And BREATHE is my theme in life for this year (along with EMBRACE IMPERFECTON!). Thanks so much for the follow. I look forward to getting to know you. 🙂

  6. I so damn agree with you here!

  7. A good one… Thanks for sharing… ☺

  8. Nikhil

    Breath. Smile. Breath – That’s helpful pretty much always.

  9. There is another kind of sharing that hurts and is often shared between family members and good friends. Gossip. Sometimes we need to learn when to keep our mouths shut. My family is very good at gossip that should have stayed between 2 people. And each time the story is told it changes and become worse. I have had a very big sore spot with my family because they don’t know how to keep their mouths shut. They hear something about someone, even people in the neighborhood and they want to be the first person to spread the information. I ended up getting very hurt a few years because of gossip they spread about me that wasn’t true. I have tried to talk to them about it – they will not. They think they have the truth already. Some things you can’t just forget about. Relationships can’t be honest without being honest. If all you can is talk about the weather or your job and see each other on holidays, that isn’t a relationship. They can’t (won’t) say they are sorry for the hurt they caused me, because they say they have nothing to be sorry about. They just say, “Get over it”. So I don’t go to birthday parties or graduations, or any holiday dinners. But I realize now that I don’t like them very much. Maybe it is for the best.

    • I can understand and can feel you.It hurts undoubtedly. But Truth can’t be hidden for long time. It has to be revealed.

      I hope we can turn our wounds into wisdom.

      Wish for the best.

  10. Sometimes we don’t or can’t share with those closest to us, because it is they who has already betrayed our trust. Already they have biased answers and don’t give advice that is truly beneficial. They only know from their own viewpoint and their viewpoint has been twisted already.

    • Very confusing and suffocated situations arise when this happen ! actually!!

      We are social beings and need emotional support. When we can’t find it in family we search for it out of family. And often betrayed repeatedly!

      • Sorry, I was just thinking about my own situation. Obviously people react differently. I find solace in some members of my family and extended family. I hope you do too.

  11. Akanksha Singh

    Vinasi, I really love your intense, simple and great full lines. No doubt, you are great. I can relate every post with my life. I feel it’s about me. So that’s what you are doing dear.

    My question; Is feelings only love. Is it necessary to have feelings if you love someone.

    Because this happens a lots of time with me that I really like everything in someone but don’t have feelings.

    Please answer:)

    • Hi Akanksha …I am so glad by your positive response. I feel immensely blessed when you say, you can connect these posts to your life. And that’s my purpose actually. To write and grow together. I am thankful to you and all the readers for support.

      Your questions is valid.And it’s very relevant as well. Let me answer you as per my understanding.
      “Love is decision to love forever”.
      It’s the decision, judgement, efforts,care and respect.
      Love is commitment. You can be able to love someone only when you will decide to love him.
      Feelings come and go,sometimes remain absent totally as well but love is there,undoubtedly.
      Feelings are not love but the decision is love.
      And well, feelings are really very mysterious to define and understand. Because, we ourselves are very unsure of them. “You only know you love her,when you let her go?” Remember?
      So right now you cannot say you don’t have feelings until someone goes far from you and you will remain totally unaffected. Anyway, love is for less to understand and more to become.

      Here is my another post I dedicate to you for clarity.

      I love you means
      I have decided to love you.
      Over each and every material thing
      Above any immaterial feeling
      I have decided to love you.
      I have decided to love you now,
      And every upcoming every moment
      I have decided to love you.
      As I have decided to love you.
      I love you means the decision to love forever
      I love you means I promise you to keep you happy
      I love you means I accept you as you are
      And I will always help you grow
      I love you means I will free you
      From all suffocation, and allow you to fly
      I love you means I will take care of you
      During all the days either good or bad
      I love you means I will understand you
      And never forget your rainbow actions
      I love you means I will be your best friend forever
      I will keep your all secrets safe
      I will trust you always
      Will keep hope in you and me forever
      I love you means I will accept your dreams as mine
      I love you means I will respect you as a human
      And adore you as a Partner
      I will accept your loved ones as mine
      I will choose you daily over every other thing
      I will hold on to you daily
      I will never leave you behind
      I will forgive you daily
      I will apologize to you by putting aside the entire ego
      I love you means I will love you whole and sole
      I love you means I will never make you cry
      I love you means I will love you unconditionally
      I love you means I will love you, only.

      I hope I satisfied you.
      You can stay connected to me here.

      Lots of love.Regards.

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