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No one can spend his whole life in justifying you…

buy dapoxetine south africa Situations arise. Views differ. Truth questioned.

Justifications needed.


But you just cannot spend your whole life to justify your each and every action. You put trust on people and expect their faith in return at least to some primary extent.

You are may be hurt, cheated, betrayed in past. But let me say it’s equally with me and equally with everybody else.

But still we need to trust, we need to give chances to people, we need to give chances to ourselves as well. You can’t punish upcoming new people for your past bitter experiences. You need to trust them from 0 (zero) base level and equally be ready to face negative effects as well. It won’t end. It goes on and on. The only thing you can do is be more cautious and be enough smart to know when enough is enough. You just can’t close doors for everyone. It will lead you to unwanted solitude only. And you, yourself will suffer at in the end.

We are social beings. We need to be social. We need to mingle. We will face every kind of person but we should not generalize everyone. No one can spend his whole life in justifying each and every action to you. There will be unwanted silence sometimes, there will be some hidden parts of stories, and there will be some confusion as well. But when those complex moments arise we need to be more patient. We need to wait for the truth or clarity rather than rushing towards justifications and being angry. We need to have faith in the inherent goodness of others. We need to have faith that they will tell, justify or clear things when they will feel free to do so. We need to give them time.

But most importantly we need to keep our eyes and ears open during the whole process.

Breathe. Smile. Breathe.


  1. Thanks for the follow, Vihasi! You have an amazing blog here. I am happy to follow you back. 😊 Take care! 😁

  2. Hi Vihasi – I am Robert, in York, which is towards the north of England – and I’m sure you’ve heard of England. 🙂

    I write a blog too. You have visited it and clicked on at least one ‘Like’ button (thank you for that). We seem to have the same type of thinking – but I’m trying my best to break the habit. 🙂

    I tend to come across situations in life and then want to write about them in a general way. I treat them like logic puzzles. I use words to solve the problems. I resolve my doubts and tie them into a neat parcel. Then I file them away in the back of my mind, with a ‘completed’ label stuck on them.

    I just realised, as I was typing this, that there is another way to solve problems (there are probably many, actually) that does not involve words.

    Imagine, if you will, that we do not have the facility of language. Imagine that we are just pure being – love, joy, peace and all of that. Imagine that we have a pure connection with God. Imagine His love flowing through us and into the world. Imagine what this will do to the petty concerns that we pick up. Imagine comparing a logic puzzle to the pure love that streams through us from God. Imagine how interested we would be in such trivial matters as hurt, cheating or betrayal. Imagine what this love will do as it flows out into the world and into all the people we know. Imagine how transformative this will be – firstly to ourselves and then to those who we come into contact with. Imagine what a beautiful example we could be. Imagine a smile that sparks a flame into life and imagine that flame burning down the whole world.

    Just imagine …

    Vihasi – thank you for letting me make this comment on your blog. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

    • Hi Robert…I loved your imagination.
      same as “You may say I am a dreamer ,but I am not the only one”
      Yes ,I am with you always for this kindness.
      Stay connected.Keep smiling.

      • Hi Vihasi – you are a fan of the work of John Lennon I see. He was born just around the corner from me. Well – 102.8 (approximately) miles away – but this is such a small country. Yes, we should keep in touch. We should read each other’s blogs regularly for pleasure and for education. One of my recent posts was called Arhat, and I have another called The Four Noble Truths. They are rather interesting, if I say so myself. 😉

  3. Vihasi, this is one of the best reads of today. 😃
    Thank you for sharing it with us. 😃😃

  4. बहुत उम्म्दा

  5. nice.
    you made 2 interesting points here
    a) your bitter past should not affect negatively your current relationship trust .
    factors .
    b)you definitely cannot justify every actions to everyone and everytime . some times it take a lil more maturity to understand the reasons behind actions and good amount of faith as you said

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