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Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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Be your best friend…

follow Dear second best friend,

click                   I want you to be the best friend of yourself before being a friend of anyone else.You will not hurt your best friend either physically or emotionally, right?You will always forgive your best friend, right?You will try to entertain your best friend in dull times, right?You will always try to motivate your best friend, right?You will not be harsh on your best friend and always try to take care of your best friend, right?You will never allow your best friend to choose any wrong or unhealthy even if it feels rosy red, right?You will always want to see your best friend happy and smiling, right?Take enough care of your first the best friend i.e you, yourself. Be safe. stay healthy. 

yours sincerely.

The second best friend.   

Breath. Smile. Breath.


  1. Be your own best friend is a beautiful suggestion, I like this. Smiles, Robin

  2. Nicely written 😊

  3. great post!

  4. Anonymous


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