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Fall in love with a good person

purchase propecia Fall in love with a person who is good. Good in general. Good as a human, helping hand, kind and wise. A person who has values, dreams, and ambitions. Fall in love with someone who shares, who cares, who grows, who learns and wants you to do the same. Fall in love with a person who can trust you anyway. A person can be judged when things go wrong. Wisdom is a response. Fall in love with a person who is being cherished by his friends, who is being respected by his younger. Duration of relationship is also a matter of luck but if you have chosen the wrong person then nine out of ten times it will not work.


  1. A good post. Love is complicated isn’t it? I mean being ‘in love’ for a ‘long term relationship’ is much different than ‘brotherly love’.

    • Dear I want to share one post with you and I hope you will get more clarity on your doubt.
      “In a world full of complicated people, you just want someone who reminds you of the word “simple”. A person you can enjoy having real conversations with while you lose track of time. It would be nice to have someone call you just to see how your day is going. It would be nice to meet someone who is goal oriented and still working towards a dream. It would be nice to meet someone who truly wants to be in a relationship and start a family, instead of dealing with people who are only halfway interested and want to waste your time. No one wants to build before sex anymore. No one wants to lay down a solid foundation and work towards having something special one day. Now it’s like you are either getting; used, played with or lied to, instead of getting loved, cared about and poured into. I guess what I’m trying to say is, stay single until you meet that one person who makes you feel like love is simple.”

  2. The fact is people go in such matters with looks as their highest priority.. The person with good looks and nature are hardly found soon and if they are found they are most desirable than others..

    • Yes I agree.
      But diamonds are still there.Though they are rare.
      We just need to keep our eyes and heart open.
      May God bless all of us.

  3. Theoretically fine…but we can choose to be in love so selectively…love is blind…we fall in love..and you know…even gravity is not responsible for this fall…

    • I agree with you till some extent and I respect your views as well.

      But one thing I must clarify is that we can’t fall in love immediately deeply.Neither we can be hurt immediately too much.
      Love and hurt will grow gradually and also it’s a process if I can confess more practically.
      It’s our conscious decision to choose the same person again and again over each and everything daily.
      Love is conscious decision rather than feelings.
      The very first important thing of this whole process called love is to choose a “good parson”.I won’t say you will not be hurt ever if the person is good. But I must say the proportion of hurt will definitely lesser than the care and understanding you will receive in return.

      There is a difference between one who needs improvement or one who is willing to improve and one who is not worthy at all or “wrong completely”.
      If you will choose a wrong person you will be gone totally and you will be pissed of completely.No other option in existence.Therefore it’s must advisable and preferable to choose a “good person” .Whether a good person will prove “right person” for you or not will depend upon many factors internal and external as well.But choosing a “good person”is inevitably necessary.

      I request you to go through my another post named “why love is called blind”

      I hope I could satisfy you.
      I am genuinely glad for your response and attention.
      Stay connected.Keep smiling.

      • Oh my God! Dr. VS you wrote an entire novel on the subject…Near to the convincing benchmark….but not exactly….as there is love at first sight…many times the opposite sex too do not reveal the true self….the heart eclipsed with love….many a times does not ask for ‘police verification’ of the person for him or her to be good…and it does suffer a lot in the process….fall in love….and the person may be good…is a chance…more like….sudden love….and arranged love…

        • All things are possible. Infinite possibility. never ending.I agree.

          What we can do is be more cautious and trying to evaluate. Right or wrong is totally another scenario and possibility. But we can try our best to keep our self healthy, happy and most importantly by allowing our self to be loved by those who actually love us and not to be trapped under any manipulation technique in the name of love.

          Allow yourself to fall, to flow, but also let your self know where to stop and when to stop.
          What can be beard and to which extent and let your self know when enough is enough.

          And as far as love in first sight is concerned, I personally don’t believe it. but again it’s my perception.I agree.

          At first sight we can be attracted by physical appearance only and love is all together far beyond that.So it must take time and efforts to build up.that is what I personally believe.

          I totally appreciate your further views by keeping my view point at 180 degree flexibility :))

          Best reagrds.

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