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Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for a million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

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Your life is not revolving doors!

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Learn to teach and teach to learn.

Put your the best efforts.

But “self-respect” is indeed the supreme.

Once they left you, tell only one thing to remember always that it’s them who left first and not you.

Don’t allow anyone to waste your time, TWICE!

Second chances are quite dangerous. Never give at least to those who have not realized their mistakes truly till date!

If it should have worked it would have worked for the first time only.

By giving second chances to people who don’t even deserve the first chance, you are pushing yourself in double danger with triple risk.

Your feelings should not be your weakness! Obviously.

Your life is not a revolving door! Obviously.

Once you have opened doors of your heart and life to someone you have done with all of your heart but when you close it, it has to be closed forever.

Once a chapter of a book is finished, you should not keep re-reading it. Rather should start a new chapter in your book called life.

Don’t allow anyone to come and go as he wants.

You deserve the kind of consistency as you give.



  1. Hello, Vihasi Shah! Thanks for bringing words of wisdom into the world. & thanks for following #formidableWoman! Namaste!

  2. Same happened to me.. I opened it twice and had tripled my troubles… But fortunstely now I am free..

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