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Betrayal is worst…

grafici forex free Betrayal is worst. Betrayal means not only breaking your trust or cheat but apart from that, it will create a hole in your heart and mind. That empty space. Which can never be filled by your lovable neither by the person who has betrayed you. You can never love even him to the extent you did before. every day you wake up with that sound of betrayal and sleep with the noise of anger, confusions, revenge, and swallowed eyes. It has a lot more effect on your psychology also. Mostly it creates PTSD (post traumatic psychological disorders) and frustrations, depression which increases with every passing day. In search “why”(reasons behind betrayal) you often become obsessive and face another dangerous disorder i.e OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).The hell doesn’t  stop here. The most astonishing situation arises when persons who betrayed you never feel guilty about it and rather force you to accept that you deserve to be treated that way and keep behaving rudely because after all, they are emotionally free. And you still have emotions!

click Listen. You definitely deserve a better way to be treated and peaceful life. Always remember opposite of love is not hate it is apathy. The day you will create apathy from everything and everyone who hurt you is the day you will be able to create peace in your mind. If you keep re-thinking, keep re-analyzing and keep speaking about all the wrongs you have faced, your recovery will be delayed proportionately. You are hating them means you are still feeling something about them and it’s not opposite of love, Right? Because, opposite of love is apathy and not hate, Right? So create apathy. Walk away from all the dramas, from all the people and places who have hurt you. Indulge yourself in deep long meditation for initial few days. By thinking to take revenge, by hating, by fighting verbally you will only hurt yourself. It will create dramas which will not affect those persons a little bit who have hurt you because if they would have cared they would not have betrayed you at the first point. And always remember, not to take them back in your life again and again. By relapsing again to those who have hurt you, you can expect nothing except more hurts.

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watch “Believe in karma” Always.

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  1. Japun

    Nicely said

  2. Well said. Betrayal is indeed the worst. 🐞

  3. Thank you sasha for sharing my blog ideas and supporting it.
    stay connected.keep smiling 🙂

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